The Waste Processing Container

Dealing with the problem of offshore waste. Now serving hospitals, airports, hotels, shopping malls and residential communities.

A proven solution, now available to hospitals, airports, hotels, shopping malls and residential communities

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The innovative ecological alternative to landfill dumping


Waste Volume Reduction


Waste Weight Reduction

Impressive Savings Possible with IES

Our flagship product, the waste converter container, is able to convert raw waste into sterile RDF, resulting in up to 80% waste volume reduction, and 50% waste weight reduction. The resulting RDF can then be used to generate heat, electricity, hot water and the water removed can be used for irrigation.

The same benefits can be achieved from our units when not containerised, where they become a permanent installation.





Shopping Malls


Immediate Returns

Good for the environment and your bottom line

Cost cutting and increasing revenue are key components to a successful and profitable business. Reducing wastage and minimising environmental impact should be a key focus of any business in the 21st century. When waste can be turned into a revenue stream, it certainly sits comfortably in any accountant’s P&L. By turning your garbage into energy IES reduces your waste footprint thus reducing your business’ energy consumption, reducing cost whilst diverting 95% of your waste away from landfill. This is a win for your business and a win for the environment.


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