Dealing with general waste offshore is a real headache, which to date has had no effective solution, save for ‘skip and ship’. IES has developed and patented a containerised Waste Processing System, which not only reduces the volume of waste by 80% but also removes 50% of the weight by removing the moisture content within the waste.

The process relies on friction to generate heat during the cycle, which in turn allows the moisture to evaporate as steam, which subsequently sterilises the waste, killing any harmful germs and bacteria. The now dry, odourless, sterile, and inert processed waste (RDF) is dispensed into a holding chamber containing a vacuum bag. Once the bag is sealed, it can be stored for up to 12 Months.

The whole process cycle is complete within 25 to 40 minutes, depending on the initial moisture content of the waste. Under normal conditions the Waste Processing System container can effectively deal with the waste of a POB compliment of up to 250 personnel, generating around 500KG of waste per day, in approximately 7 to 8 hours.


  • Deals with all general waste
  • Selfcontained plug and play containerised design available in 10′ & 20′ DNV configuration.
  • Reduces waste volume by up to 80%.
  • Reduces weight by up to 50%.
  • No smell during or after processing.
  • Kills Germs and harmful Bacteria through sterilisation process.
  • Vacuum packed allowing extended storage of up to 12 Months.
  • Long or short term rental solutions available.





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